IMAG0044For some while, I’ve wanted to create a discussion page, where visitors to the site could write in with comments or questions and I (or others) could respond.  Being relatively low-tech in my background and limited in my advisory resources, I didn’t know how to arrange the sort of forum I had in mind so that posts would go public almost instantaneously.  Yet upon reflection, I decided that allowing comments to be automatically uploaded without any prior review wouldn’t have been a good idea even if I’d known how to execute it.  (Unfortunately, tasteless behavior isn’t unknown to the Internet.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-22 at 9.14.55 AMWhat I’ve devised, then, is the following system.  Please email to me through the “contact” link any comment that you’d be willing to have displayed publicly.  I will post your remarks within a few days, perhaps with my own response or perhaps just as stand-alone observations.  Then others may wish to write in with their reactions, which I’ll match to the original post as long as the remarks are civil and productive.  I’ve already had several private exchanges with readers that I found very rewarding.  I don’t see why their content shouldn’t be shared with the world!