Why Us?


We’re just starting out in the game of spreading new ideas (or, in this case, very old ideas long forgotten).  What’s clearly against us is that we have no history in professional coaching. What’s clearly in our favor is that we have no history in professional coaching.


The guy who first insisted that doctors should wash their hands before delivering babies was put in a lunatic asylum.  Our ideas, too, will have a “lunatic” quality to those who have grown old in baseball’s rigid orthodoxy: “Never hit off the front foot, get that elbow up, don’t spread your hands”… “Come straight over the top when you pitch, don’t step out toward the line, stride off the rubber as far as you can.”  The trouble is that these seasoned warriors will also tell you, if you’re a bit shorter than average and hoping to crack the starting line-up or the pitching rotation, “Son, why don’t you consider soccer?”


Now, I’m well over sixty years old, and I have a mildly arthritic foot.  I also have a Personal Pitcher that claims its golf-sized wiffle balls, when fired from a distance of 25 feet, allow the hitter the same reaction time as a 90 mph fastball.  I hit line drives off this thing from 18 to 20 feet–and I do it using Old School methods.


IMG_0041My son pitched four years of college ball, the last two at a D-II university.  As a senior, he set the school record for appearances.  He measures a hair under 5’9″.  How many people do you think told him not to plan on playing in college during all those years of travel ball and high school?  He made fools of them all by throwing sidearm.


We can’t guarantee your success: nobody can do that, in baseball or any other facet of life.  Even hard work isn’t enough–not if you’re only working hard but not smart.  What we can do here, perhaps, is offer a few suggestions that will allow you to channel your work in ways that make you a special player.  Don’t try to out-do the big boys at the game that they play so well just by being big.  Learn a way into the game to which their height denies them easy access–but makes you a natural.  Work hard after you get your head straight!